Coach Random #27

Wednesday, October 3, 2001


Drawn: Oct. 2, 2001

JD Kraaikamp: I think, in the actual paper, Paradigm Shift appeared above Coach Random, even though it's the other way around on the Cavalier Daily website.

As for today, Paradigm Shift, which had quickly become Coach Random#39;s arch-nemesis, proclaimed itself "the best damn strip in the Cavalier Daily." That phrase would reappear again, and not in Paradigm Shift's favor.

Scott Ruhl: JD, you are absolutely right; my strip was originally at the very bottom of the comics page next to the word jumble. Paradigm Shift was moved from the very top (then the exclusive king of the hill spot for the strip with the longest tenure) to the bottom when he literally just stopped showing up for his job to edit the comics page and eventually stopped coming by to do the strip altogether.