The Burt Muston Incident (2)

Coach Random #45

Friday, November 2, 2001


Drawn: May 11, 2001

JD Kraaikamp: And the torment continues. "Foul play"? That announcer doesn't know the half of it!

Scott Ruhl: A nice Reservoir Dogs reference, and this storyline got me my first hatemail. The name Burt Muston referenced a name used in a Norm MacDonald monologue about smoking. I was accused therefore that I stole all my jokes for Norm and was a no-talent, worthless hack by Jeremy Posner.

JD Kraaikamp: You mean "worthlesss". We must preserve Mr. Posner's impeccable spelling. *Rolls eyes* Amongst the files Scott sent me was a word document containing some of the feedback, and Jeremy Posner's bit of bile was in it, in all its punctuation- and capital-free glory.

What is it about hate mail that it's very rarely well-written?