Chevrolet Nova

Coach Random #67

Monday, January 28, 2002


Drawn: Jan. 27, 2002

JD Kraaikamp: Now, that would be a nice car, if it were about 60 years older.

Scott Ruhl: I decided that since I couldn't afford my favorite and first car, I'd give myself one each year around the time of my birthday. A Tuxedo Black on black 1971 Chevrolet Nova SS350 4-speed with carpet delete, Strato-buckets, a 4:11 Positraction rear, and American Racing Torq-thrust D wheels does it for me. This one has 1970 Z-28 wheels, and the Flowmaster exhaust clearly visible.

JD Kraaikamp: It's a nice car all right, but I prefer mine a LOT older. I'm an antique lover. Then again, that car technically is an antique now (a car over 25 is considered antique).