Comic War Of 2002

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Friday, Nov. 22

Permanent Tanooki had an idea of what to do to one of the Blank Slate authors:
Permanent Tanooki
But Blank Slate was already devestated by the blow handed them by Inklings:
Blank Slate
And Metro Center was ready to retreat:
Metro Center
Coach Random was not pleased with either one. And Paradigm Shift was still a target:
Coach Random
Harmful if Swallowed actually complimented Ghost Cat:
Harmful if Swallowed
Natural Rejection revisited Metro Center, Howard Dallis, and Inklings, while taking a shot at Drool (which was done in Photoshop):
Natural Rejection
Howard Dallis made a reference to what was going on in Ghost Cat:
Howard Dallis
Inklings fired at both Metro Center and Natural Selection: