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John-David Kraaikamp Webmaster

JD was born in 1980, and has loved computers as long as he's had them. He took a college course in musical instrument repair from 2000-2002 (music being his other love) and a course in website design at DeVry Institute of Technology from 2005-2008.

He thus gained insight into college life, complete with junkie roommates, insensitive jocks, neat freaks, boring classes, and even had a drunk roommate nearly burn the dorm down.

He got into the Furry Fandom in the year 2000, but had been fascinated in it since at least 1983, if not earlier. Around 2003, he discovered the comic strip Coach Random, and enjoyed reading it for a long time—until the site disappeared.

JD, however, had access to the Cavalier Daily Website, and decided to use the comics saved in its then-massive archives to rebuild a new Coach Random website.

However, he wanted to get Scott's blessing in this venture. After some looking around, he managed to get in contact with Scott, and the blessing arrived in the form of a CD archive of the Coach Random comic strips.

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Alexander Scott Ruhl Artist/Writer

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