Coach Random Feedback


Coach Random got a lot of feedback over the years. Scott sent me (JD) some of it, showing some of the history, popularity, and controversy of the comic strip. Some of the feedback was from the strip's setup, some of it was for specific strips, but most of it was just general feedback.

In any case, enjoy.

In The Beginning


After weeks of procrastination, the Managing Board and the graphics department here at the CD have finally been able to mull over the comic submissions. Your submissions of COACH RANDOM were quite impressive and we would like to offer you a space on the comics page. We have eliminated the 2 syndicated cartoos (boondocks and dilbert), making way for your strip to enter. I hope that our delay in deciding has not caused you to reconsider your desire to join our staff. We have a totally new, redesigned look to the paper as well as the comics page. The first regular issue is coming out Wednesday, August 29th and your comic would have to be completed a day or two before then. The size of the comic is approximately 5.75 inches wide by 1.75 inches high, although you are welcome to make them any size proportional to that, as well will need to scan them in and shrink them down accordingly. Please e-mail me as soon as possible with your decision. We look forward to having you join our staff and adding a much needed, alternative comic to the new, redesigned page and paper.

Adam Blumenkrantz

Dear Mr. Ruhl:

An alias with the word "coach" in it is somewhat problematic for us as it seems to imply an official connection with the University as the coach of a team. And your request, for, seems to me to imply that your surname is Random. Hence, I am not inclined to allow the assignment of that alias to you. Should you have a good reason why the assignment should be allowed, please contact with your reason and I will reconsider my present decision.

If you have questions or we can be of assistance in some other way, please let me know.


	I am convinced and have submitted the alias for processing.
			>Dear Jayne,
			> I would appreciate it if you would reconsider my request 
			> for the alias CoachRandom because it is the official name 
			> of the comic strip I do for the Cavalier Daily. This alias 
			> would allow me to more easily direct reader feedback and 
			> allow for criticism as well as interactive plot lines for 

			> the strip. 
			> Thanks,
			> Scott Ruhl

Specific Strips



I just want you to know that your comic today caused me to bust out laughing.

Thank you,


way to steal all your fucking jokes from norm mcdonald you no talent worthlesss hack

Jeremy Posner

what to do to burt? force him to read the Cavalier Daily's comic section. may be no greater pain on this earth...

..although I must say, despite the blatant fratboy overtones, yours is the only comic strip in that paper I make an effort to read. consistently amusing. I draw a comic for a similarly-shitty college comics section, the Daily Texan, and I don't want to be so bold as to say mine's the only good one in that paper, but it is. good luck to you and your chauvenist chain-smoking dogs.

- - - - -
Sam Machkovech
Author of "Reruns"

You got a raw deal from the CD on "Secret Asian Man." Actually, a local acapella band from Arlington wrote a song called "Secret Asian Man" that is a parody of the more-well known version.
- -

Hi Scott,

I don't read the comics obsessively, but) I read your Friday strip tonight and was wondering if you got the idea for the joke from a Joe Jackson song. I seem to remember hearing something similar from him. In any case, a1 performance as usual.


Everything Else


I love your strip. Do you have a website where you store archives?


Webmaster's Note: Ask and ye shall receive, Ryan


I think "Coach Random" is one of the funniest things put to print.

That being said, I was wondering if there were an archive of all (or as many as possible) "Coach Random" strips around? Also, when will you bring back "Nightlatch: The Frog Pimp?"



Chris and Kevin told me that you receive some hate mail for your Coach Random work - - I'm sending a compliment, since I laugh almost every time I see one of your panels. The times I don't laugh occur because I don't get it (my Latin translation skill is weak, for example), but that is to be expected.

As a 60s car buff, I particularly enjoy your drawings of the vintage Camaros, El Caminos and of course, Vettes. You draw a pretty decent Me-109 as well. And you can guess that I don't care for the parking police either, since I've had to pay for a couple of tickets myself.

Keep up the good work - - just don't listen to Kevin or Chris re ideas - they both inherited warped senses of humor from their Mom.

Regards, Allan

Hi, I'm Coco Buck. I am on the swim team here at UVa. I would first like to tell you that the whole entire swim team (including myself) loves your comic. It is what gets us through our early morning practices. At breakfast everyone is always laughing and saying "Haha, read Coach Random." It is by far the best comic strip in the Cav Daily. As a huge fan I wasAs a huge fan I was wondering if it there was anyway possible for you to do me the biggest favor? See our team is in a kind of war thing....nothng bad, we are just playing around. But I was thinkg that it would be HILARIOUS if you could put something about the ENEMIES in a comic so at breakfast when they read it they will just gasp. I don't know if you take special request but I would greatly appreciate it if you could write me back and let me know. Thank you SOOOO much

Coco Buck

Marvelous comic. I wondered how you would adapt the longer "rectum stretcher" to a comic strip. My colleagues at the office laughed their heads off when I showed this one to them.



I'm sure you've been told this by everyone and their brother, but your comic was, is, and will continue to be genius. I'm putting you in next Monday's Cav Daily crossword just for kicks.

Best wishes,

Hey, my name is Matt Vroom. I go to school at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, but originally hail from Northern Va. I write a daily comic for the Daily Illini here, called "i hate pam". Anyway, a few of my friends that go to UVA told me about your strip "coach random" two weeks ago and said I'd probably laugh my ass off. The better half of your drawing and content are really fuckin' excellent especially being a daily strip. Often 'crude' and 'lowbrow' should be taken as the highest of compliments. Gushy-ass fan mail is few and far between the hate mail (you gotta get hate mail).


- The reason that prompted me to Email is the "relationship theme" in todays. I did essentially the same the here that "metrocenter" and you are trying to do. They ran from 9-05-03 to 9-11-03 in the archive. Here's the link if you care...