Were You Close?

Coach Random #5

Thursday, August 30, 2001


Drawn: Jul. 16, 2001

JD Kraaikamp: I've actually used the punchline a few times. *Grins.*

Scott Ruhl: This was the first strip I drew during the summer for the upcoming fall semester after being accepted into the comics section. While it is a small world, I was amazed how many people think you may actually know and recognize somebody from the same state with just a first name.

JD Kraaikamp: The only time I think that's acceptable if someone is asking if I know someone with an unusual first name who lives in a town. For example, if someone asked me if I knew a Bouke in Drumheller, Alberta, I'd ask if they meant my uncle.

Scott Ruhl: That I can agree with, and would be a valid and acceptable circumstance.