Coach Random #4

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Start of Semester 1 and the Regular Coach Random Comics


Drawn: May 3, 2001

JD Kraaikamp: And here we go, with the first Coach Random comic published on the Cavalier Daily website.

Comics running in the Cavalier Daily at the time: Blank Slate, Permanent Tanooki, Paradigm Shift, Action Daxton, Second Nature, Crazy Eskimo, Sketchy, Dangerzone, Drool, and, of course, Coach Random.

And as for this strip, well... I guess he's not sadistic. Looks like it was a quick death... >.> <.<

Scott Ruhl: This was the first comic to feature Johnny, Bud's younger brother. He was the outlet for my interests in guns and hunting. I chose the name based off a crazy older cousin.